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Building effective performance

People are our greatest asset – right? It’s a simple question that every manager faces – are your people doing what they should be, as effectively and efficiently as they could be? All the time? The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics showed that labour productivity fell by 0.5% in Quarter 1 (Jan […]

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Managing risk

No matter how good our strategy or business plan, a key factor in whether or not we achieve business success is the way we deal with uncertainty or risk. Risks are generally unplanned events that can have a positive or negative impact on business performance, and they can arise as a result of a whole […]

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Great strategy? Now make it work for you.

Strategy is simply about working out which jobs need to be done by whom, and in what order, then getting on and doing them. So why do so many management teams find the whole process so difficult? Lots of organisations work hard to develop the strategies required for success and they invest serious amounts of […]

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Thinking of selling or taking a step back from the day to day running of your business?

If you’re thinking of selling or taking a step back from the day to day running of your business; follow these tips to ensure you are Exit-ready. The Exit-Ready Checklist You’ll need:   1. A fully functioning management team that’s used to making key decisions. 2. A clear strategy and Critical Success Factors in place […]

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Leadership and teamwork

Brilliant business owners employ brilliant people to build brilliant businesses. Because – despite the complex technology that provides us with so much data and so many options – ultimately most businesses are still people-based. So just choose the best people, tell them what their job is and let them get on with it? Of course […]

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Measuring performance

“What gets measured gets managed”. It’s only when you see current and accurate performance data and track trends that you can fully understand your business. With the benefit of that data your decisions will mostly be based on fact rather than best guesses or gut instinct. So they’re more likely to be better decisions. There’s […]

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Who needs strategy?

A good corporate strategy describes how a company plans to get from A to B.   It’s not a Vision – that’s a separate piece of work that describes what you want to become, how you want to look and feel.   And it’s not a Mission Statement – that’s what explains why the company’s […]

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