Leadership and teamwork

Brilliant business owners employ brilliant people to build brilliant businesses. Because – despite the complex technology that provides us with so much data and so many options – ultimately most businesses are still people-based. So just choose the best people, tell them what their job is and let them get on with it? Of course it’s not as simple as that.

The strength of any business rests on its ability to bring together a group of people with their own unique skills and experience, and to use their individual and collective strength to solve problems. The leader’s job is to inspire, to motivate, to focus and to coordinate. It is to select and develop a blend of personalities, to give real clarity over roles and responsibilities, to show people a direction and create the right physical and cultural environment in which this team of people can excel.

The leader’s job is also to listen and to remember that a team is made up of individuals. People have egos and ambitions, they react differently to challenges based on their own life experiences, their motivations and needs, their drive and appetite for success, and their values and ethics. Good leaders understand this and they work to motivate their people on an individual and a team basis. They work to help individuals grow as well as helping the business to prosper. They give individuals the confidence to contribute, to bring ideas forward, to challenge and to innovate.

The creation of a focused and highly motivated team must be the leader’s main objective. Give people the tools for success, encourage them to adapt them and to grow, and they’ll make the business brilliant in ways we couldn’t possibly have predicted.

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